äckligaste facebookgrupperna#1 - relationer

nummer tio don't think you realise how much you actually confuse me.
nummer nio when i say "no i'm fine" i mean "my life sucks make me feel better please"
nummer åtta 'Im Cold'... More Like 'I Want You To Hug Me'
nummer sju Back in my day Vampires sucked blood, not cock.
nummer sex If a guy responds to your text message while playing Xbox, he loves you
nummer fem i don't care how bad it is, i just want to know the truth.
nummer fyra i love when you text me first, cus then i know your thinking about me:)
nummer tre Don't you dare smile at me after you ruined everything.
nummer två DOT DOT DOT means sooo much more than you think...
nummer ett: What are you smiling at? Nothing, i just love you.

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2010-04-12 @ 10:35:02
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